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Urban Landscaping, Balcony & Terrace Design from Our Talented Landscape Designer

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Outdoor Landscapes

Customize your outdoor spaces with living walls, lighting, and other plant life created and designed by Jordan. He helps you turn any boring balcony into a natural haven.
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Indoor Landscapes
Jordan's Exotic Plants, LLC offers interior design to create a natural environment for your home or business. He finds the perfect potted plants, trees, and flowers for your space.
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Event Decorations
Let Jordan create personalized flower arrangements to give your event or party a unique setting. He creates decorations using plant life for all kinds of special occasions as gifts and decorations.

Learn about Jordan's Exotic Plants, LLC

Jordan's Exotic Plants, LLC in Miami Beach, Florida, offers urban landscaping services for indoor and outdoor retainers, balconies, and terrariums. Landscape designer Jordan includes features in different designs with vegetables, herbs, and other natural food.

Live plants bring a certain kind of calm to a busy life, creating an atmosphere that meets your space and lifestyle. Jordan loves plants and meeting new people, so he is happy to help you pick the colors and movements of plants for your living or work space. Let him put his more than five years of experience to work for you in creative ways.

Contact our landscape designer at (412) 926-8435 in Miami Beach, FL, to refresh your indoor or outdoor areas with urban landscaping environments.